Activities in and around Orihuela Costa

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Orihuela Costa has an incredible variety of different activities and experiences to offer residents and visitors alike, so that everyone who comes or stays here has a wonderful time. Whether you are looking for quality family time, a taste of history or an adrenaline rush, this sun-drenched region has something for everyone. Families can build sandcastles on unspoilt beaches or splash around in exhilarating water parks. There are many different courses in the region for golf enthusiasts to tee off on. Outdoor adventurers can enjoy scenic hikes, bike rides through citrus groves or paddle boarding. If history is your thing, you can immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Orihuela’s old town. It is home to ancient ruins and fascinating museums. If relaxation is your priority, Orihuela Costa delivers. Stretch out on the golden sands, cool off in the turquoise waters, and then unwind at a charming seaside cafe or restaurant. So come and discover your perfect Orihuela Costa adventure!

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Golf Courses

The region around Orihuela Costa offers countless opportunities for anyone who loves golf or has always wanted to take it up. Beginners and professionals alike can choose from a variety of golf courses and pick exactly the right one for their individual requirements. Some of the most popular golf courses in the surrounding area are:

  • Real Club de Golf Campoamor: An 18-hole golf course with views of the Mediterranean. The course is known for its wide fairways and large greens
  • Las Ramblas Golf Course: An 18-hole, par 72 golf course located at La Finca Golf & Spa Resort. The course is known for its picturesque pine trees and driving range
  • Las Colinas Golf & Country Club: An upscale country club with a challenging 18-hole golf course, a pro shop and a clubhouse with bar and restaurant
  • Villamartin Golf: An 18-hole golf course that is part of La Finca Resort. The course is known for its varied holes and breathtaking views
  • Entre Golf: A 9-hole golf course that is ideal for beginners and golfers with an average handicap. The course is known for its short playing time and relaxed atmosphere

Orihuela Costa has a lot to offer families with children. In addition to the many great beaches that invite you to swim, frolic in the waves and build sandcastles, there are many exciting activities to discover in the region – no matter what age. If, for instance, you’re a real water lover and need a change from a day at the beach, here are a few ideas for the best water parks in the area. A day full of fun and adventure is guaranteed for you and your kids.

Water Parks ->

  • Aquopolis Torrevieja: open from mid June till early September; price ~20€ pp (online); located just 20 minutes from Orihuela Costa, Aquópolis Torrevieja is a sure bet for a fun-filled day with the family. It features a wide range of slides and attractions to suit all thrill levels. Here is a selection of four of them: Kamikaze, a 50-metre-long slide with a 45° slope. Hydro Racer, the fun high-speed slide. Black Hole, a thrilling slide in complete darkness. Boomerang, an intense slide only for the bravest among you. Younger kids will have a blast in the Mini Park, featuring age-appropriate slides and water features. This water park is ideal for families with a mix of ages because it offers something for everyone.
  • Aquapark Rojales: open from June 3rd-September 8th; price 16€-19€ If you’re looking for a water park with a more relaxed atmosphere, Aquapark Rojales, located about a 20-minute drive north of Orihuela Costa, is a perfect choice. While it might not have the extreme slides of some other parks, it offers a great selection of activities, including several slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and plenty of areas for younger children to play. This water park is ideal for families with young children who might be intimidated by the larger water parks.
  • Aquapark Flamingo: open from end of May till September; price between 12€-15€; relatively small but no less worthwhile water park for families with young children. The park has a limited number of slides, which are designed for children up to the age of 10. Besides that, there are various pools with different attractions, as well as a spacious sunbathing area with a quieter pool area. In the past, the park has been rated by Tripadvisor as one of the most popular parks in Spain and it is even allowed to bring your own food.
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Discover unique natural phenomena

Baños de lodo / Mud Baths San Pedro

Photo by Karen Maes on Unsplash

San Pedro del Pinatar boasts the largest outdoor mud spa in Europe! Here’s the scoop on this unique natural attraction:

The mud baths, also known as Las Charcas de Lo Pagan, are located in the San Pedro del Pinatar Natural Park, near Playa de la Mota beach. A derelict windmill serves as a landmark for finding the site. Taking a mud bath is an experience that is free and very enjoyable. Visitors can wade into the shallow pools of mineral-rich mud, spread it all over their bodies and bask in the sun for a natural spa treatment. Afterwards, most people rinse off the mud in the nearby Mar Menor lagoon or in the designated showers.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The mud baths are a natural attraction, so expect a rustic experience.
  • The mud can stain swimwear, so consider bringing an old swimsuit or dark coloured clothing.
  • Mud baths are open all year round, but the weather is most pleasant in the spring and autumn months.

If you’re looking for a unique and potentially therapeutic experience during your visit to San Pedro del Pinatar, the mud baths are definitely worth checking out!

Pink Lake / Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja

Photo by Bit Cloud on Unsplash

The pink lake in Torrevieja, also known as Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja, is a truly fascinating natural wonder located in southeastern Spain.

The star attraction is undoubtedly the lake’s vibrant pink hue. This mesmerizing color is the result of: 1) Microscopic Organisms: Tiny creatures called halobacteria thrive in the lake’s extremely salty waters. These salt-loving bacteria produce a reddish pigment that contributes to the pink color. 2) Microscopic Algae: Another key player is a type of micro-algae called Dunaliella salina. These algae produce a red carotenoid pigment that acts as a natural sunscreen, protecting them from the intense sunlight.

The pink color isn’t constant and can vary depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and the concentration of these organisms. Sometimes the lake appears more magenta, fuchsia, or even purple, adding to its visual intrigue. 

While swimming in the lake isn’t permitted due to the high salinity and potential for staining skin, visitors can observe the pink lake from designated viewpoints. Guided tours are also available, offering a deeper insight into the lake’s formation and ecological significance.

The pink lake in Torrevieja is a must-see for anyone visiting the Costa Blanca region. It’s a captivating blend of natural beauty, scientific wonder, and historical significance.

Cycling in Orihuela Costa

Orihuela Costa, located in the southeastern region of Spain along the Costa Blanca, is a fantastic destination for cycling enthusiasts. With its diverse terrain, pleasant climate, and supportive cycling infrastructure, Orihuela Costa offers something for cyclists of all levels and interests. The region boasts a network of well-maintained cycling routes that cater to different skill levels. From flat coastal paths ideal for leisurely rides to challenging mountain trails that wind through scenic landscapes, cyclists can discover routes that suit their preferences.

The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny weather for most of the year. This makes it a great place to cycle outdoors throughout the year, without having to worry about extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions. Orihuela Costa is committed to promoting cycling as a healthy and enjoyable activity. The region has dedicated cycling lanes, traffic calming measures, and bike-friendly facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of cyclists.

Cycling is deeply embedded in the Orihuela Costa culture. Numerous cycling clubs and events organize regular rides and gatherings, providing opportunities for cyclists to connect, share experiences, and explore the region together. Orihuela Costa offers breathtaking scenery that makes cycling an even more rewarding experience. Cyclists can enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, lush green valleys, and charming villages as they pedal along the various routes.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist seeking challenging routes or a casual rider looking for leisurely rides amidst stunning scenery, Orihuela Costa is an ideal cycling destination. With its diverse terrain, pleasant climate, supportive infrastructure, and vibrant cycling culture, Orihuela Costa promises an unforgettable cycling experience.


Orihuela Costa Bike Rentals

There are several reputable bike dealers in Orihuela Costa and the surrounding area where you can buy or hire bikes and accessories. You can find a selection here:

  • I Love Bike: This family business has stores located in La Zenia (Orihuela Costa) and Benijofar. They offer a variety of bicycles for rent and sale, including a “great choice of Electric Bikes, MTB, E-bikes, City bikes, Road bikes, Trekking bikes, Hybrids, Gravel, BMX, Tricycles, scooters, junior-bikes, folding bikes, components, parts and accessories“. I Love Bike scores with 20 years of experience, a large number of different bikes for every need and a repair and maintenance service for all types of bikes. The pricing is transparent and staggered, and the daily price is reduced for longer rental periods. To rent a bicycle in I ♥ BIKE you need to present a passport or ID and to pay a deposit.
  • Lammertink Bikes: This bike rental specializes in “high quality e-bike, Speedpedelec, race bike, gravel and mountainbike rental and the sale of high-end e-bikes from the brands Riese & Müller, Stromer and Focus“. At Lammertink Bikes, great importance is attached to full all-round service, so that the customer can always feel well looked after, from the initial consultation, tailored to individual needs, through sales or rentals, to maintenance and assistance with questions or problems. For bike rentals, a valid id/passport and cash/credit card is required to pay the set security deposit.
  • Bike Experience Orihuela Costa: Bike Experience Orihuela Costa is run by a friendly trio who bring with them a good mix of expertise and love for the bike. They offer rentals for road bikes, e-race bikes, gravel bikes, and urban e-bikes. The overall selection is somewhat smaller than at other bike dealers, but the bikes are customised to suit individual needs. It is not possible to buy a bike here – rentals only. The deposit must be paid on site in cash. An identity card is mandatory. 

Extra Tipp: Lovelo Coffee Ride ->

If you’re looking for something different, the Lovelo Coffee Ride might just be the right place for you. The Lovelo Coffee Ride is a combination of coffee shop and cycling shop located in Dehesa de Campoamor, Orihuela Costa, where you can get coffee, tee, homemade snacks and some light meals – including vegan options – and at the same time, cycling apparel and equipment.

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