Basic Ingredients

Optional Ingredients


Recipe for 2 adults, 1 child for one day

Prep time 10 min / Cook time 25 min



Risotto has always been one of our favourite dishes because it is extremely versatile, very uncomplicated once you’ve got the hang of it and of course because it is simply delishious. It is easy enough to prepare and was accepted even by our young one, right from the start. Let me show you how I usually prepare our Risotto:

  • Prepare some fresh vegetable / chicken broth or a store-bought one according to the description and keep it warm during the entire cooking process
  • Add some butter in a pot (this is where you can also add the optional oil) and let it melt on medium heat
  • Optional: add some finely chopped onion and fry it until it is soft and translucent
  • Add the risotto rice and let it sit for a few minutes until it becomes translucent
  • Add just enough of the broth to cover the rice
  • Let it simmer openly on medium heat for about 20 minutes and stir it every once in a while
  • Keep adding new broth whenever you notice that everything has been absorbed
  • Before you add the last bit of liquid, you can add some seasoning according to your preferences
  • The risotto should now be creamy and ready to enjoy! If you prefer some extra creaminess, now it the time to add a little bit of cream cheese or Parmesan. 
Risotto is super easy to combine with just grilled, roasted or steamed vegetables – there are no limits to the types of vegetables you can use. We like to eat mushrooms (especially button mushrooms) with it, but courgettes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli or cauliflower and much more also go very well. Salmon, chicken or seafood are also excellent accompaniments. It is precisely this versatility that makes risotto one of our favourite dishes – it can always be adapted to suit everyone’s taste.

Unfortunately, I used a poor-quality and blunt grater for grating Parmesan for a relatively long time, which I bought for my first flat. As is often the case, you buy a cheap item – after all, you have to buy a lot of new things – and then you’re often annoyed with it for longer than necessary. Almost exactly 2 years ago, after I had rubbed the skin of my fingers with it several times instead of parmesan or orange zest, I found the Deiss PRO Grater. The funny thing is that at €12, the grater doesn’t even cost much more than the one I had at the time, I just should have made the effort to look better beforehand. 

The grater has never disappointed me since and whether you grate cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, orange or lemon zest with it, the result is always more than satisfying and, on top of it, the grater is just as sharp as it was on the first day. Moreover, cleaning it is child’s play – just rinse it once and the coarsest dirt is removed.



The ratio of risotto to vegetable/ chicken broth is usually 1:4 but depending on your personal preference for the texture, you can always adjust the amount of liquid you add.


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