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My favourite tipps to simplify the everyday challenges of parenthood and to stay happy and healthy in the face of increasingly stressful and challenging times – all without losing yourself in the process. Made from one parent for other parents.

Food and More

Why I decided to share my personal insights

Good food, a balanced, healthy diet and high quality products are obviously a very important part of our life –  and every single one of these aspects has received an increasing amount of attention in the past few years.

Taking a closer look at the food that fuels our body and soul, and putting at least some effort into the planning and preparation of our daily meals is definitely something that none of us should necglect because the “right” choice of food is crucial for a healthy, happy and satisfactory life. BUT. Most of us parents have come to realise how difficult it can be to find a balance between healthy and “fast” food, peace and war at the dinner table, resorting to recipes that are known and accepted (by our beloved offspring) and trying new recipes – in spite of the very real possibility of having to eat most of it alone in the end…

That said, I want to share with you the recipes that were accepted by the pickiest of eaters (my son), that allow variation and flexibility, are quick and easy to realise and – very important – not expensive. What you will absolutely not find here (you may have guessed) are fancy recipes that require an insane amount of hard-to-acquire ingredients, endless hours in the kitchen and/or loads of preparation. You can thank me later.

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