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LEGO ❤❤❤

Find out why building with LEGO always has been and still is one of our all time favourite activities

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… is a game that I’m sure many of you are familiar with and likely played during your childhood. Regrettably, it’s often the simplest yet most enjoyable games that we tend to overlook as we age. I am guessing that has to do with the overwhelming number of games available today, a number that seems to grow exponentially each day.

However, this particular game is one that truly deserves a place in our memories.

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Jigsaw Puzzle

…this is one of our all-time favorite activities and is absolutely perfect for rainy or lazy days. I mean, let’s be honest, jumping in puddles is great, but if we have cold, nasty weather, we prefer to stay where it is warm and comfy. Also, even though solving jigsaw puzzles is an activity that, of course, requires some focus if you want to make progress, you don’t have to constantly think about what you’re doing, and – at times – that is really appreciated.

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