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On this page you will find ideas and suggestions for indoor and outdoor games and activities with children of all ages. Let yourself be inspired, rediscover classics from your childhood and let your inner child out to play with your offspring 😉


Let’s find out why building with Lego was one of our absolute favorite activities between ages 5-10 and why you’re never too old for it, even as an adult…

Hopscotch is a game that I’m sure many of you know from your own childhood. Unfortunately, it’s often the simplest games that you lose sight of as you get older. Our children’s attention is naturally drawn to completely different games and activities these days than it was 5 or 10 years ago. What’s more, the range of games on offer is growing from day to day. Oddly enough, there is an overabundance of choice and at the same time kids are often bored. Especially when screen time is over. However, we are going to do something about this today, and for that, we’re using a real classic that never really got old…

Solving Jigsaw Puzzles is one of our all-time favorite activities and is absolutely perfect for rainy or lazy days. I mean, let’s be honest, jumping in puddles is great. Who doesn’t love that? Then again, if we really have some cold, nasty weather, we prefer to stay where it is warm and comfy. Solving puzzles also a great activity because you don’t have to think too much and can just relax. Especially in times when you’re constantly playing mind ping-pong, that can be a real blessing.

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