Jigsaw Puzzle / Rompecabeza / Puzzle

Puzzles have always been something that we appreciated doing, when we didn’t feel like actively engaging in other kinds of games or activities or when the weather didn’t play along… It’s something that you can easily do on your own or – as we have done it frequently – with the three of us sitting around the table and pondering until at least progress was made… and that could sometimes take a while. I don’t know when you have tried so solved your last puzzle but seriously, some of them have like 5000 shades of the same base colour and it can be so frikin’ hard to see the difference. I don’t know, maybe it’s the age 🤣 

Anyway, more often than not, our youngest cat Milo blessed us with his company as well, which, as cute as he is, wasn’t always very helpful if you were looking for specific pieces that he covered with all of his furryness as you can see below 😂 

Admittedly though, it can be both quite relaxing and frustrating, depending on which stage you find yourself at and of course depending on the size and complexity of the puzzle. When the kiddo was much younger, we began with the typical wooden 10-piece puzzles and worked our way up to the 1500-piece ones that usually keep us busy now. What we love most about puzzles is the fact that you can cooperate so well in order to find the right pieces and their positions and also the fact that – even though one of you keeps looking for specific pieces – it will often be the other one who finds them and helps you out, which pretty much always brings out a smile on the face of both the seeker and the finder. 

Solving Puzzles – whether it be alone or as a team – may in a good way force you to focus on one activity only, which is a very rare thing in a time where we constantly allow ourselves to be distracted by social media, the steady flow of news and whatever plans we might have for the upcoming days. Of course there have also been plenty of times where we have watched some television while we were busy with the puzzle or where the thoughts have drifted off but that’s the beauty of it. You can own this and use the time however you see fit.

The one negative aspect (at least some would see it that way) about this is, that puzzles, especially when they are still in progress, use up a lot of space. To be honest with you, there were times when we started a puzzle, completed like 25% of it, and then we stopped for several days (or even weeks, once). It was lying around on our coffee table and there is that one person in this family who prefers to be able to actually use the table to place things on it… I can tell you that person is not me, I am accustomed to chaos and have accepted it as part of my life 😂 My boyfriend on the other hand… not so much… and I get that in a way. It can be useful to get a special mat for these situations on which you do the puzzle, so that, once you take a break, you can simply roll it up and store it safely. 

But enough from my side, now I am curious about what you have to tell: when have you done your last jigsaw puzzle? Do you have a favourite one that you have maybe done multiple times already and how long does it usually take you to solve your puzzles at home and with or without your kid(s)? Are you the no-distraction type or can you easily do this side by side with other activities?

I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments down below and thank you for reading me!