I always admire people who find the time to decorate their homes in a very spooky fashion and dress up like they have been preparing for Halloween the entire year. There is a family in my circle of acquaintances who celebrates the birthday of one of the kiddos on every Halloween, so every birthday party was a Halloween event par excellence. Cobwebs everywhere, fake bloodstains, impressive baking skills and lots of ingenius details all around the house resulted in a fascinating dark and yet playful atmosphere. I was always stunned to see what they had got going there…

Anyway, that is not what you are going to see here 😂 I haven’t got a clue how “normal” parents are supposed to make the time for all of this but there are a few things that are simple enough, enjoyable and managable even for those of us who have little time at our disposal. That said: feel free to have a look, get some inspiration and – most important – have fun with what you’re doing. This place is not about perfection or trying to live up to anyone’s expectations ❤ 

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Pumpkin Carving


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Super simple recipe: Spooky Halloween Bolognese with Eyeballs


-Prepare your regular Bolognese Sauce + some additional meat balls-

-Use olives or sugar eyes to decorate the meatballs-